hi okay this is my first entry (totally didnt redo this twice already haha /s) but anyways yeah first entry! this website is definitely a work in progress.. im like a perfectionist so i keep getting annoyed at myself because its not yet how i see it being in my head.. though i really should be proud of myself because i have like no coding experience and i dunno maybe it doesnt look at bad to others as it is to me..

ANYWAYS so like im bad at talking about myself.. and like i think this blog thing will try and help me get out of my comfort zone! and like stop keeping everything to myself because i tend to do that. im super goal oriented so as long as i consistently do stuff i should be fine. i mean thats why i have a to-do list on my main page in the first place. okay im off topic now wait.

you may be wondering why i even made this website. i havent done stuff like this before and tbh i always felt like i couldnt. like i'd have to be a twitterer forever. now that im off that, ive learned a lot. and im figuring out more about myself everyday! so i guess thats my goal. figure out who the hell i am, what i want, and be able to have a space of my own! i gotta thank my girlfriend for helping me with all this too.. its been a journey alright. and like i said im very goal oriented, i dont tend to focus on the journey part of things. but i want to learn how to. i think it'll benefit me.

mood: okay