i've been kind of avoiding working on this website tbh. like i just dont have any ideas of what to post. i don't really know anything about myself or my identity so making a whole website dedicated to that is honestly pretty difficult. i've done the obligatory social media carrds before but those were just the requirements that crowd makes you put. i'm trying to not copy anyone because if i try to take inspo i'll end up trying to replicate it because i've never made anything thats truly my own.

honestly, after i left social media for the most part i've actually had to wonder who i am. like i've built my whole personality and "who i am" based on what has been expected of me in the past, and i don't want my entire existence to be just because of expectations. i want to know myself. i don't even know if its possible to, but i want to have an identity without just listing the required labels that social media folk want you to have..

mood: okay