at school my teachers always said I was good at writing. especially argumentative stuff. but the fact is i never wrote from my own opinion like they wanted. I just got really good at faking opinions. that ended up helping me a lot in social media but the fact it was never real led to my downfall and ended up being why I had to leave.

why do we have to have opinions? it seems like people assume everyone does? but the fact is there are definitely some things that people just, don't care about. they may not have any opinion on it, and that's not a bad thing.

in my experience, not having an opinion can prevent conflict! or at least not having a strong one? agree to disagree and all that shit. I don't see why people can't just accept others' opinions or lack thereof. but maybe I'm just too positive.

in many spaces, no opinion = agreeing with the other side. that is just really not the case. if I don't care, why is that agreeing with anyone at all? it makes no sense at all. but this is what so many people believe to be the case. it's honestly sad.

anyways, I'm still used to pretending to have some opinions. it's a hard thing to just stop doing. of course there are some things I do have opinions on but not nearly as much as I pretend I do.

- chuuya!

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